YOND, Zurich

The unique building structure of the «YOND» real estate product located at the Siemens site focuses on start-ups as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises from various sectors. Starting from 2019, services providers and production facilities will be united under one roof, thus creating additional synergies for all tenants in the context of a community. Two-storey, utilisation-independent rooms will accommodate the various spatial concepts and fluctuating floor space needs. The construction project combines what embodies the spirit of the times of millennials: i.e. room and space that are individually and creatively adapted to the relevant market situation.

Realisation2017 – 2019
Investment volume including land CHF 89 million
Usable floor space 20 000 m²
Rental income CHF 5.4 million
Gross yield (on cost) 6.0%
Net yield (on cost)5.0%

YOND, Zürich